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All-On-X Implants / Full Mouth Reconstruction

We offer a comprehensive range of services to help our doctors with their All-On-X cases from A to Z.

Treatment Planning:

Our consultation services provide guidance in treatment planning for All-On-X cases. Our experienced team can assist with both guided and free-handed surgeries, ensuring the most optimal results. We schedule an online meeting to review treatment plan with our doctors.

Surgical Guide Fabrication:

  • We use advanced technology to plan and fabricate surgical guides that aid in bone reduction and implant insertion.
  • We utilize both standard and stackable surgical guides which can be anchored interchangeable guides.

Day of Surgery:

We understand that implant surgery can be a complex and challenging process which is why we offer our chairside assistance to ensure a smooth and successful surgery. Upon request, chairside support can be accommodated anywhere nationally.

On the day of the surgery, our highly skilled technicians are right there by your side providing expert assistance and support throughout the procedure. We offer a range of options to assist with immediate denture placement, denture converstion to temporary arches, or the use of our PIC Dental System for the design and fabrication of temporary PMMA arches.
Using the latest technology, the PIC dental system, is the world’s first digital system to take intraoral impressions of multiple dental implants. The Precise Implants Capture camera is a device used to capture the patient’s mouth by implementation of photogrammetry technology. It collects information of the exact location of the implants, as well as the angles and distances between them.

Final Prosthesis:

  • We offer a range of materials to meet the unique needs and preferences of our doctors, including a final acrylic, hybrid titanium acrylic or zirconia prosthesis.
  • Chrome Cobalt framework / Milled Titanium Bars: Ideal for edenulous patients and can be used for both implant supported overdentures and fixed/screw retained (hybrid) dentures.
  • Milled Titanium Bars: A higher level of precision and durability. These one-piece milled titanium alloy structures feature a passive fit, eliminating potential weakness and resulting in a highly durable and precise restoration.
  • Pekkton: A high performance polymer (HPP) with technical properties comparable to human dentin and cortical bone. Provides excellent esthetics and durability, making it an idea choice for implant-supported restorations.